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Led by passionate organic chemists, our group has developed a strong expertise in catalysis over the years. We tend to explore diverse ways to improve the efficiency and the selectivity of chemical reactions. Our favorite research areas include  chiral phosphoric acids and phosphate salts organocatalyses, metallo- and organophotoredox reactions as well as applications of electrochemistry in organic synthesis. Involved in both catalysts design and elaboration of original reactivities, we take advantage of these new synthetic tools to work on the synthesis of natural and bioactive products. Our fundamental and academical research focus proceeds together with more applied realizations thanks to industrial partnerships.


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The masked team! (March 2021)

From left to right: Damien Bouchet, Matteo Leone, Dr. Géraldine Masson, Marine Lombard

Dr. Arpan Sasmal, Lucas Bento dos Santos, Thomas Varlet, Dr. Aurélie Claraz, Dr. Luc Neuville, Jiyuan Lyu and Wei-Yang Ma


Congratulations to Jiyuan who successfully defended is Ph. D. on the 24th of September! He presented his three years work dealing with organo photoredox catalysis.

Our freshly admitted doctor (the forth starting from the left) is well-surrounded by the jury members comprising Prof. Jean-Cyrille Hierso on screen and, from left to right, Dr. Clémence Allain, Dr. Emmanuel Roulland, Prof. Pierre Audebert, Dr. Etienne Brachet and Dr. Géraldine Masson.


Latest news

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Congratulation to Thomas who won the Guy Ourisson prize from the DCO rewarding the best oral communication  on the occasion of the 58th edition of the SECO (Semaine d’Études en Chimie Organique - Week of Organic Chemistry Studies) in Bussang (France).

September 24th:  Congratulation to Jiyuan who defended his Ph. D.! The whole team whish you the best for your come back in China and for the continuation of your career in chemistry! Well done Dr. Lyu!

September 20th-24th:  Thomas participated to SECO 58, an organic chemistry congress in the Vosges mountains. He was awarded with the best oral communication prize (as well as the most curious auditor unofficial one)!

August:  Goodbye to Mohamed and Louis who completed their traineeship in the team.  We whish you accomplishment in your study course!

July, 30th:  Today was the end of Emeric's and Luca's internships. We whish them success for their future!

July, 23rd:  Congratulations to Thomas and Mateja for their latest publication in the JACS! They disclosed a new chiral phosphoric acid-catalyzed methology to access original spiroindolenines in a diastereodivergent way.

July, 23rd:  Kenza finished  her traineeship in the group! Good luck for the continuation of your studies!


June, 18th: Anissa completed her internship in the team! All the best in the future!


June, 14th: We are glad to welcome Louis for is license traineeship! He is our sixth intern this semester.


May, 25th: Welcome to Kenza for her license internship! She is the second new member to join the group this month.

May, 17th: Warm greetings to Mohammed our new master student! Welcome in the group!


April, 19th: Welcome to Anissa our new license student!