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Welcome to the Masson group!

Led by passionate organic chemists, our group has developed a strong expertise in catalysis over the years. We tend to explore diverse ways to improve the efficiency and the selectivity of chemical reactions. Our favorite research areas include  chiral phosphoric acids and phosphate salts organocatalyses, metallo- and organophotoredox reactions as well as applications of electrochemistry in organic synthesis. Involved in both catalysts design and elaboration of original reactivities, we take advantage of these new synthetic tools to work on the synthesis of natural and bioactive products. Our fundamental and academical research focus proceeds together with more applied realizations thanks to industrial partnerships.


Discover the POWER of catalysis by checking our Research and our Publications pages !

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The POWER team (December 2022)

From left to right: Matteo Leone, Dr. Luc Neuville, Dr. Marine Lombard, Emma Naulin,

Emeric Montinho Inacio, Lorenzo Di Terlizzi,, Luca Nicchio, Aurélien Brion, Vittoria Martini,

Dr. Géraldine Masson, Dr. Wei-Yang Ma and Damien Bouchet


The HitCat Labcom members (April 2022)

From left to right,: Dr. Luc Neuville, Hugo Pierre, Dr. Gérard Guillamot, Dr. Géraldine Masson and Dr. Franck Le Vaillant


Congratulations to Wei-Yang (the forthfrom the left) who successfully defended is Ph. D. on the 22nd of September! He presented his three years work dealing with chiral phosphoric acids catalyzed cycloadditions towards azacycles.

This title was granted by a jury comprising , from left to right, the president Dr. Jerôme Hannedouche, Prof. Philippe Belmont, Prof. Xavier Moreau, Dr. Marc Presset, Dr. Erica Benedetti and Dr. Géraldine Masson. Dr. Luc Neuville was invited to seat by their side.

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IMG_5104 (2).JPG

Marine (the third from the right) obtained her Ph. D. on the 13th of December. Congratulation for her presentation focusing on the catalytic synthesis of triarylmethanes as well as chiral phosphoric acid-mediated cycloadditions. Her work was evaluated by a jury  comprising, from left to right, Dr. Luc Neuville, Prof. Isabelle Chataigner, Dr. Cyril Ollivier, the president Prof. Giang Vo-Thanh and Prof. Isabelle Gillaizeau. Dr. Géraldine Masson was invited to seat by their side.

Latest news

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February 1st: We are glad to welcome Damla, our new postdoctoral fellow ! She is going to work on organocatalysis.

January 19th: Welcome to Camilla who begins a master internship in the team today about asymmetric organophotocatalysis !


December 15th:  Florent finished his post-doc today in the team. We wish you good luck towards new horizons!

December 13th:  Congratulation to Marine who defended her Ph. D. with great success ! The whole team wish you the best for your future.

December 3rd:  Vittoria is our new visiting Ph. D. candidate from Parma. She is going to work on organocatalysis. Welcome in the team !

November 11th:  Congratulation to Damien and Thomas who published an overview of the strategies developped in the team to achieve the difunctionalization of enecarbamates and enamides ! You can read it in Accounts of Chemical Research !

November 2nd:  Luca is arriving from Italy as a visiting Ph. D. student. The whole team is glad to welcome him !


October 3rd: Welcome to Lorenzo Di Terlizzi, our new visiting Ph. D. candidate from the Maurizio Fagnoni group ! He is going to work on photocatalysis in the team !

October 1st:  Today the team is glad to welcome two new Ph. D. candidate. Emeric is going to work on tetrazines and heptazines photocatalysis whereas Emma will focus on asymetric organocatalysis.

September 22nd:  Wei-Yang successfully defended his Ph. D. dealing with the enantioselective synthesis of diverses azacycles. He will continue his work with chiral phosphoric acids in the team as a postdoctoral fellow. Well done Dr. Ma !

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